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The world changed when James Watt invented the first steam engine, when Isaac Newton discovered the universal gravitation after hit by an apple, when Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, when Chairman Mao solemnly declared the establishment of the People"s Republic of China on the Tian"anmen Rostrum, when Martin Luther King cried out “I have a dream”. The world was changed by something called dream, which is invisible, untouchable but strong enough.

I can assure that every child have written a composition titled My Dream. They have already written down their longing for the future. Some of them want to become scientists; some of them hope to become teachers or doctors. Maybe they didn’t know how many difficulties they will face before their dream come true. But the dreams are like small seeds planted in their hearts; like the beacon in the sea that lead them to their destinations.

Dream is the fountain of strength. Dream is the support of faith. Dream is the Polaris. Dream reminds us to move forward, to struggle, to strive all the time. One of my friends told me that dream will never discard anyone! Yes, maybe one day everything is gone but dreams is still there with you, eternally.

Dream changed us, and therefore we changed the world. It is dream that refreshes the world every day. It is also dream that makes the world improve day by day. We dare to dream. We can also achieve our dreams and change the world.

I can’t imagine the world without dreams. How about you?


When I was a naughty boy, may be because of theinfluence of the film."Xiao Bing Zhang Ga",my dreamwas to be a soldier just like Zhang Ga. I thought if Iwas a soldier, I should be able to swim, dive andclimb trees as he did. It seemed to be very wonderful.So I began to learn swimming, diving and climbingtrees. I practiced every day and finally I could dothem well. But when I entered junior high school andhad the military training. I suddenly found thatbeing a soldier was very difficult and I wasn"tstrong enough to bear it . I had to give my dream up.

But I wasn"t discouraged, and I had new aim, which was to be a postman, or rather to be anewspaper boy. As a newspaper boy. I could speed along streets on a bike and throw newspapersonto every porch. That"s also very cool. So I started learning to ride a bicycle. After theeveryday practice, I could go very fast by bicycle. But to my disappointment, the job which Iwanted only existed in western counties not in China, because there was no porch in China. AndChinese postmen had to stuff very thick newspapers into very small mailboxes from very narrowentrances. The job was far from what I had expected. So once again my dream fell through.

Perhaps you have had the same experience as I and most of your dreams haven"t come trueyet. But I think it doesn"t matter, because if you have a dream, you"ll make many efforts torealize it. This course is really important. If I hadn"t dreamt of being a soldier or anewspaper boy. I wouldn"t have learned to swim, to dive, to climb trees or to ride a bicycle.Even if our dream can"t come true, you"ll learn much from the efforts you have made. So what Iwant to tell us is that dream helps us to grow up and teaches us how to control our lives . Itis dream that gives us power and makes our lives colorful.


Time flies, time flies, we have grown up. Looking back on the road we have walked, there is pain, joy, absence, sadness, unforgettable memories, a happy childhood, more memorable dreams.

Childhood dreams are so naive and creative. Some dreams can fly freely in the sky like birds. Some dreams can swim like fish in the sea. Some dream of exploring the universe; Theres more. In those days we had dreams that were endless, and these dreams were so childish to us now that they were unrealistic. But when we recall the dream we had in our childhood, we had a shallow smile on our lips. Because we all have childhood, all have been happy innocence dream.

In this big business sea, daily face is to cheat, intrigue. Peoples hearts are changing, they are becoming more childlike and less able to find our dreams. People change, become ruthless, become eyes only profit, only money. Why is that? In the face of such a problem, you can only think of one sentence: we grow up to face the reality. Do you have to lose the innocence when you grow up? Think about how our childhood made friends and how we worked. Wake up! Wake up our innocence! Let us treat our friends with a childlike innocence, treat the people around us, and treat our customers.

I dream that we will use our childlike innocence to change other peoples childlike innocence and awaken our second childhood in the land of huaxia.






Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and soon. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

I have a wonderful dream in my heart. It"s to speak English very well. Since English is everything for me. English is my best friend. English is my soul. English is my power. Without English, I"m nothing at all. Nothing. Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English. Some people think I"m an Indian. Some people regard I"m a Pakistan. And some people even consider that I"m an Egyptian. But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be perfect. So I work very hard.


I have a dream that one day every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

Wow, what a dream it has been for Martin Luther King. But the changing world seems telling me that people gradually get their dreams lost somehow in the process of growing up, and sometimes I personally find myself saying goodbye unconsciously to those distant childhood dreams.

However, we meed dreams. They nourish our spirit; they represent possibility even when we are dragged down by reality. They keep us going. Most successful people are dreamers as well as ordinary people who are not afraid to think big and dare to be great. When we were little kids, we all dreamed of doing something big and splashy, something significant. Now what we need to do is to maintain them, refresh them and turn them into reality. However, the toughest part is that we often have no ideas how to translate these dreams into actions. Well, just start with concrete objectives and stick to it. Don’t let the nameless fear confuse the eye and confound our strong belief of future. Through our talents, through our wits, through our endurance and through our creativity, we will make it.

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow. So my dear friends, think of your old and maybe dead dreams. Whatever it is, pick it up and make it alive from today.





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